XL8 Partnership with Scriptix

FOR RELEASE ON May 24, 2021 The two industry leaders announce the availability of an integration between the two translation environments Silicon Valley, May 19, 2021 — XL8 and Scriptx have announced the availability of a unique collaborative translation solution that brings innovation and empowerment to companies around the world. The relationship strengthens offerings to… [Read More]

XL8 MT Engine Outperforms

XL8'S MACHINE TRANSLATION ENGINE OUTPERFORMS OTHER BIG MAJOR PLAYERS IN THE MARKET With the landscape rapidly changing within media localization, studios, streamers, content creators and most recently, our clients, are evaluating their current machine translation providers.They feel it is very important to explore other options available within the marketplace that can provide an increase in… [Read More]

Introduction to XL8

INTRODUCTION TO XL8: WHERE WE ARE NOW WHO ARE WE? To simplify, XL8 is a Silicon Valley startup that provides innovative technologies to deliver machine translation automation through deep neural network technologies. The ultimate goal of our program is to solve and improve the translation quality of every language in the world. We have found… [Read More]