XL8 Partnership with GleamMedia

FOR RELEASE ON May 24, 2021

It’s no surprise that South Korean pop culture is the fastest growing export from Asia, and leading the way is K-pop (Korean pop music), an infectious genre of catchy tunes with hypnotizing music videos. Taking the music industry in Asia, and parts of the west by storm, the trendy artful music has found its way around the world in the hearts of many people from all walks of life. The growing need for connecting the culturally diverse group of fans to the loving music is present. Without knowing the cultural background of the words, listeners cannot develop a base for understanding that goes above and beyond subtitles.

XL8 is proud to announce the collaboration with GleamMedia a leader in the media market focused on: “Creating Holistic Brand Experiences.” The media company specializes in assisting customers to conduct business overseas, broadcasting production, new talent development, content planning and production, as well as celebratory management.

GleamMedia recently launched Starplay, a social platform for K-pop fans. It allows users to promote their favorite K-pop artists, and enables users to watch exclusive content of their favorite stars. In exchange for ranking shows and music, fans are given crypto tokens, which are available through IOS and Android platforms, monetizing from in-app purchases and ads.

Most recently, a vote for SBS MTV “The Show” secured 1.9 million users throughout 14 countries. The translation tools that XL8 brings builds a competitive, win- win technical alliance taking the industry by storm.

The K-pop world is filled with unique etiquette, inside jokes, and slang, even an entirely different vocabulary in itself that can be widely described as integrated content. The K-pop dictionary will be designed to help you not only learn the most up-to-date vocabulary used in K-pop, TV shows, and K-dramas.

Paired with XL8’s unique AI-based machine translation services, the collaboration proves to enable an efficient K-pop fandom dictionary like no other.

Get ready, K-poppers!